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When Happy Tots starts back in September, we will be welcoming a new leader. Our current leader, Suzanne, who has done a fantastic job leading Happy Tots over the past twelve months, has had to stand down due to work commitments. So, in September, Cathy will be taking over the running of Happy Tots. Cathy is a married to John and has three beautiful children, two of whom have been through Happy Tots and now attend Adventurers. Cathy & Johns youngest daughter is currently at Happy Tots.


Cathy and the team are spending the summer getting ready for the new term and we look forward to seeing everyone after the holidays.


Adventurers& Happy Tots have now closed for the School Summer Holidays. We will be re-opening on Friday 8th September. Hope everyone has a great summer and we look forward to seeing you then!


In July both our Happy Tots group and Adventurers children went to the Jump Depot in Ashton (Mossley Road). Judging by the colour of the kids faces when they were eventually encouraged away from the trampolines much fun was had by all - some of the parents even got in on the act!


In a change to our normal schedule, Adventurers held a film night where we watched the film Finding Dory. Not sure what the kids enjoyed more, the film or the popcorn that accompanied it! Either way, fun was had by all!


To celebrate Father's Day, the kids put on a fund raising breakfast including sausage sandwiches, toast and fresh fruit salad. We raised over £130 in donations, all of which has gone to a Christian Caravanning Charity which has helped one of our dads as he looks after his disabled and terminally ill daughter. Many thanks to everyone who came along.


What do you do when one of your leaders is going to Australia for a couple of months? Use it as an excuse to have a party!


With good food (cooked on a barbie - obviously!), some excellent live music and a range of Australian themed games (bushtucker trial, Kylie's locomotion dance challenge....) everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves (apart from perhaps the people doing the barbcueing who had to cook over 150 burgers!).


Just need an excuse for another party next year!


In May this year we took our Adventurer children out to the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. It was difficult to know who was most excited, the kids going on a tram trip out or the parents having a day off!


All the kids had fun with lots to see and lots of experiments to try out - but best of all had to be the shop where they could spend their parents hard earned money (we did limit it to £3.00 per child!).


Some of the kids fell asleep on the tram on the way home whilst others sang Christmas songs, much to the "enjoyment" of the other passengers.